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The estates where our Chianti Classico and Prosecco are produced.

Lady Lucia Paladin, born into wine production royalty is true a wine enthusiast. An honorary member of “associazione donne del vino” (the women wine producer association board) after working many years in the family wine production, has branched out to concentrate on her two estates. Tuscany, where her passion has won her many awards for the Chianti Classico and Veneto, her native land where she produces Prosecco, the bubbly white wine with heart and spirit.

Chianti Classico DOCG "Bellincione" Chianti Riserva DOCG " Il Passionista"

With the purpose of making Il borgo di Vescine and its 40 Hectares (100 acres) re-live again like centuries past, Signora Lucia has committed herself to this very ambitious project. Firstly, she wanted to preserve and sustain the sense of agricultural country living that this land has so given us for many centuries. By doing so, the preservation has started with the natural land terraces bound by the dry-stone wall partitioning. The same walls that are now Unesco world heritage sites. It is precisely on the these terraces that the Borgo inhabitants cultivated and fed themselves for centuries. Vegetable produce, olive grove, vineyards, fruit orchards and the herb spices garden were once the main agricultural resources of the village and are now alive and fresh again thanks to Signora Lucia's passion and vision. Just like in the past, the vineyards allow us to produce a fantastic Chianti Classico and a superb Chianti Riserva expertly and patiently aged in oak barrels, while the olive grove gives us the opportunity to assemble and produce one of the most praised and flavoursome olive oils in the Chianti area.

*DOCG  is the seal of guarantee, making it an original product of the territory.

“Le vigne di Lucia” estates.

In the Veneto region (think Romeo and Juliet), not far from Tuscany, we find Signora Lucia Paladin's family estates. This land, mainly cultivated with Prosecco, is the pride and tradition of Mrs. Paladin. After a short fermentation process, the world's most famous sparkling comes to life, characterized by a fresh and unmistakable taste.